About Us

Guldogan Chemical Machinery

Guldogan Kimya

As Güldoğan Kimya,we have been continuing our work since 1998 with an understanding that considers protecting nature,which is our field of activity,as a duty.

We share a common living space with millions of living species in the world. We can see that among so many species, the creatures we call harmful are also in a struggle for shelter, nutrition and reproduction. About 10,000 of a million insect species cause damage to crops and, therefore, to humans.

In addition, these pests especially choose places that allow microbe reproduction as their habitat and can become a dangerous microbe carrier, infecting people with diseases. At this stage, we cannot ignore the thought that two important facts of our lives, health and economy, may be in danger.

Our Mission

® To be aware of the duties and responsibilities of public health control services at all times.

® Combating all kinds of vectors (carriers) that harm public health; To always advance its product portfolio, which is effective, reliable, long-term, environmentally friendly and economical.

® Prepares and presents scientific and professional methods of struggle according to the expectations of its customers.

Our Vision

To gain customer satisfaction at every stage from the sale of public health and biocidal products to reveal our quality in parallel with the developing sector.

Our Environmental Policy

® Continuously improving the environmental protection and OHS awareness of our employees and the society and supporting this with trainings.

® To prevent and commit to prevent all kinds of pollution that may occur in the environment in all activities.

® Keeping accidents to a minimum by reducing risks.

® To undertake to comply with environmental laws and regulations and published specifications.

® Using our natural resources consciously and minimizing usage as much as possible.

® To minimize the effects on the environment by keeping waste under control.