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Pest control machines

Professional, fast and safe environmental spraying

Professional, fast and safe environmental spraying

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It is used for spraying large areas against pests (mosquitoes, houseflies, lice, fleas, ticks, etc.) that threaten public health. It can also be used in very large agricultural areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled frequently asked questions about our devices for you.

What kind of vehicles is the Mistblower device installed on?2023-06-02T01:09:08+03:00

Suitable for mounting on any vehicle!
Our pest control machines can be installed on any model pickup truck, truck and even small vehicles for some lines.

Does the spray system comply with the standards?2023-05-31T15:21:54+03:00

All of our Mist-Blowers have TAMTEST reports and have passed all tests successfully. It has the highest standards in all spraying options.

Is it possible to rent?2023-05-31T15:21:32+03:00

Apart from our brand new products on sale, we also have rental options.


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Full After Sales Support

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